Here are some ideas for everyday living, using your shed weekender style!

Sometimes we need a “go to” place to holiday or relax at a weekend and if we are fortunate to have a family farm, weekender, bach, or a getaway island, building a little cabin as a place to stay, camp (or glamp) then this shed may be the answer you are looking for.   At under 10m2 floor area a cabin can be the prefect size for glamping and use some camping accessories for power, solar, toilets to make yourself comfortable.   Coming as a flat kitset pack its transportable to any location.
Power: Using solar power is a great while camping. Portable solar power systems are inexpensive and a good size to bring along with you to your destination. Or installing solar power panels on your shed, for a more long-term style. The price for this can vary and a quote would be needed.
Generators can be an option for short term, as a source of backup power, are not designed to run continuously without end. Some models are made to provide power for up to eight hours, some twelve, and some can run for days on end. However, in no way should you keep your generator running for weeks, months, let alone years without rest.
Using devices than run off battery power is another option; smaller electronics can run for months on the same batteries. Plus using newer appliances are rated for less energy consumption.
Cooking: Buying a gas cooker can be the best option for frying, boiling, and even to make a cup of coffee. These can come in different sizes and can choose to have more than one element. You can buy gas bottles in small or medium sizing depending on how often you need it. It can be great if you don’t want to take up too much space. Plus, refilling and swapping gas bottles is a breeze at your local petrol station.
Heating: Gas heating is an option to keep your shed warm, but they can also be dangerous so take this option of heating with precaution, not leaving it on overnight, forgetting it’s on, and placing it too close to walls or other objects. Insulation, Carpet, Curtains, and double glazing the windows will help keep the warmth in also.
Bathroom & shower:  A solar shower is a portable way to heat water so that you can take a warm shower. Usually, a solar shower will consist of an insulated bag for holding and heating water, a hose for the water to drain from and a showerhead. You can also find shower tents.
A portable toilet flushes and carries waste away like a conventional toilet but the waste is not transported to a sewer, instead is carried to a holding tank underneath. … Inside the holding tank are chemicals that break down & kills germs.
All of these items are easy to locate at any hardware/outdoor living store.

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