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Lake Cabin 30m2

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Lake Cabin Kitset - 30m2

Your Kitset Inclusions

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The Lake Cabin comes as a complete kitset with everything you need to build it included.

• All pressure treated timber for floors, walls, roof

• 1 x double glazed double door with keys

• 2 x double glazed casement windows

• 4 x double glazed, fixed, vented windows

• Asphalt roof tiles

• Component bag with nails, screws, sealant

• Comprehensive step by step written instructions

• Full Build Video Instructions

• Phone & Email support during your build

Your Shed Information

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Width: 7500mm (7.5m)

Depth: 5000mm (5m)

Total Height: 3400mm

Wall Height: 2200mm

Wall Thickness: 44mm

Floor Thickness: 19mm

Roof Thickness: 19mm

Roof Material: Water Proof Asphalt Shingle – Ancient Black

The wood is kiln dried Nordic Spruce.

The Lake Cabin has been treated with a non-toxic pressure treatment.
Pressure treated timber does not need to be painted and you have the peace of mind knowing that it is termite resistant. Our Pressure Treatment innovation gives the wood an optimal lifespan whilst retaining the excellent natural properties of the traditional wood benefits.

Read more about our pressure treatment.

Your Shed Delivery

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Your Lake Cabin includes delivery to any Mainfreight branch nationwide. If you require a hiab delivery to your property, we can help source you a delivery quote.

Your cabin will be delivered on four pallets.

One will have the wooden planks.

One will have the shingle tiles.

One will have the door & windows.

One will have the remaining pieces of the kitset.

Your Shed Build

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For a cabin kitset this size, we highly recommend a builder.

Any builder will be able to assemble our cabins. They come with clear building instructions with photos as well as a video showing 2 x tradesman installing a shed.

There are additional windows available for your Lake Cabin. Contact us to discuss your options.

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