Plastic vs Metal vs Wooden Shed

So, you have decided to buy a shed. Now comes the hard part, what shed will best suit your needs, while staying in budget?
Do you go Resin, Metal or Wood? There are pros and cons for each and at the end of the day the choice is yours. Here are a few of our thoughts on each.

Plastic or Resin Sheds.


Easy to assemble with a modern design and low maintenance, when they get dirty you just need to give them a wash down.

According to the supplier the UV protection prevents colour deterioration. Air vents keep the interior fresh and they are weatherproof.

The floor made of a resin mixed with extra toughening is meant to be able to withstand heavy objects like lawnmowers and motorbikes.

A downside for some would be the ‘playhouse feel’ and you must use stand-alone shelving for storage.

Your colour choice is limited.

It would also be interesting to see how well the UV protection does stand up to wear and tear and colour fade as you cannot paint a Resin Shed. (apart from the Duotech range).

Metal Sheds.


Metal sheds are long lasting and easy to assemble. There should be very little maintenance (provided installation is done correctly).

They resist extreme temperatures and are light and easy to move.

Although probably not the best-looking sheds PVC and Vinyl coatings are helping to improve the look. Though they do feel a little flimsy to other types of sheds.

Some tin sheds are not rust resistant and this can become a problem as you need the proper tools to modify or repair.

Stand alone shelving is also needed for storage options.

Wooden Sheds.


One of the main advantages of a wooden shed is its appearance, coming in many design options you can customise to suit your taste. Although they do need a lot more maintenance than their Resin or tin cousins, you can paint or stain in your own choice of colours.

You can make your wooden shed unique with window boxes, trellis and finials, adding a personal touch.

Easily lined, wooden sheds can become sleepouts, home offices and more.

Shelving, cupboards and pictures can be easily attached to the wooden walls.

Although usually slightly more expensive they have a warm, robust feel that a Resin or Tin shed cannot give.

You do need some tools and skills to put a wooden shed together.

Maintenance is the key to a wooden shed to protect the timber from the elements of time. If looked after correctly they will give 15 plus years of good service.

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