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Things to know before buying a shed.

  1. First thing first, council consent: You will generally not need a building consent to add an accessory building to your property, Provided the building is less than 10 square meters in floor area. Is more than its height away from all boundaries and other dwellings. Does not contain cooking, sanitary facilities or water supply. If your shed doesn’t meet all these requirements you will need to ask your local council for consent.
  • Size and purpose: What size shed is going to the best for you and what are you wanting to achieve from your new shed? Extra storage room, a place for gardening equipment, somewhere for you to work or craft from home. Is your property the right size for size of the shed? Where you place your shed, are the doors and windows accessible? Is the location going to block that morning or afternoon sun?
  • Shed insulation and ground prep: Have you got a level foundation ready for your shed? There are many options to choose from when it comes to groundwork for your shed. Example: grass, concrete pad, gravel pad, skids, blocks or piles for more information on foundations click HERE and for information on insulation click HERE

The most important place to insulate your shed is under the floor, insulation products are easy to find and is inexpensive. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your shed being, comfortable all year round is a must!

  • Building your shed: Do you have the right tools and safety equipment needed to assemble your shed? Having an extra person to help you isn’t a bad idea either! If you haven’t built a shed before just bear in mind that the first one does take longer as you read the instructions, familiarise yourself with the plans and materials. Hiring a building to build your shed for you can speed up the processes but this can come with extra costs. When you purchase a shed, full instructions are given along with a component box and a video tutorial on the build. There is also a list of kitset assembly builders you can contact by clicking HERE, give one of them a call and they will give you a quote. There are other places you can look for a builder, google, trade me, social media.
  • Dispatch and delivery: Once you have checked off these four points it’s time to purchase. She Shed can deliver your shed to your location with the help of freight company if a large six-wheeler truck can access your property, just make sure you have two people available on delivery day to hand unload the two pallets that it will arrive on. The other option is to collect your shed from your local freight branch with a large tandem axle trailer.
  • Shed Maintenance: Now that your shed has arrived, are you going to start building it right away? If not, keep it out of the sun and rain, as the wood is not treated yet! Once the shed is built, the timber will need to be protected with a good quality primer / paint and or a clear sealant for weather protection. To keep your shed in the best condition a repaint once a year or so will keep it looking fresh and new!

SheShed has excellent customer service with help available every step of the way.

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