Our Sheshed started life out in Dunedin, when my wife was looking for a retreat to match our 1908 villa. Unfortunately, due to land size and the addition of a garage and garden shed, erecting the sheshed would not have given the design the justice it deserved, and so it sat in our garage for 18 months.
After checking with sheshed.co.nz that we could ship the shed to Australia without any problems, we packed everything up and moved back to the Gold Coast where the sheshed again sat in the garage for another year.
Fortunately with our new property we had the perfect spot for the sheshed and after a lot of wife nagging and hard weekends jack hammering rocks, and the removal of some small trees, the sheshed began to evolve.
To add a bit more character we decided to install a gable vent, small deck and shutters to the window and doors. We also added skirting around the bottom just to finish it off.
The furniture was selected and styled by my very talented wife Vee, and I got to assemble it all (yeah me). The next thing to add is power for the all important TV, lighting and of course the wine fridge.
We hope one day to see our elderly cat Charlie curled up on the day bed and enjoying the peace and quiet that the sheshed offers.
Dave and Vee