Coming from Finland, I always wanted a cute little cottage with white corner boards and window and door edges. I even painted a scene of this, relaxing in front of a little yellow cottage with a hammock and an outdoor bath.
One day I came across the “Sheshed” concept on Instagram and started following a few similar pages. Then I saw an ad of a local business selling these as kitset. They had a product that was exactly what I was looking for. I bought it on the spot.
I loved the idea that it is affordable, anyone can put it together, without any expertise in building. Being under 10 sqm no permit was required.
The SheShed team has been exceptionally friendly and helpful. The product itself has been easy to put together and it has been well designed, everything fits into place.
With a help from a cabinetmaker we installed a Scandinavian style loft bed. I can fit a clothes rack and drawers underneath for storing my wardrobe.
In one corner I have a bench top where I can fit a fridge underneath, some shelving for cups and plates and a coffee making facilities.
I have loved the process of building this shed. It has been an empowering experience.
From visualisation to sitting on the veranda basking in the sun.
It has been like a little hobby over the few months, slowly adding decorations, painting details etc. It still isn’t “finished” yet as there’s always something to add.