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SheShedz Garden Sheds frequently asked questions and answers.  If you need to speak to us please call 1 800 3165 83.


If you have any questions about the kitset timber sheds, please be free to ask, Below is a series of answers to common questions on what consents are required on placing a shed in your garden or how to put the sheds together.

Q) Do you need a building consent for these Sheds?


She Shedz recommends you check with your local Council requirements as these can vary from area to area. However, for most places consents aren’t required for buildings under 10m2. In some states (NSW & VIC) up to 20m2. This link for NSW properties is very helpful in showing what is allowed:

Q) Do you install these?


We can organise a builder for you at the cost of $150.00, plus the cost of the Standard Build*. If you require Extra Work* you will need to arrange these details directly with the builder yourself. Follow the link Here for more information. If you wish to assemble yourself, we recommend a builder or a home handyman with sound building knowledge / Trade skills put these up. They come with clear building instructions with photos as well as a video showing 2 x tradesman installing a shed. It is quicker and easier with 2 people.

Q) Is the Pine treated?


The Ground Bearers are H4 treated. The wood is kiln dried pine timber and needs to be protected with paint or a clear sealant for weather protection

It is advisable to put on a dry surface but if it’s going in a wet mouldy area it would be advisable to put building paper over top of the treated bearers between the floor board joists. Bitumen building paper can be purchased from most building hardware stores, this is not supplied with the kitset

Q) Can I have a larger or smaller shed than this size? (3 x 3 x 2.8)


In this range we have 2 sizes
She Shed size – 3m x 3m Square x 2.8 Height

The Cute Tiny Shed – Width 2.472 x Depth 1.972 x Height 2.940m

We don’t custom make them. We have had many customers purchase 2 or more sheds, read the blog on this website how you could join 2 sheds together by Following this Link

Q) I am interested in the wooden kitset cabins. Is it delivered like shows in the picture, or it is sheets in the package only?


These are fully kitset, so they come with everything you see in the photos of the shed itself on our website (except final paint or stain) delivered to you all completely flat packed on 2 x pallets, these need to be hand unloaded when they arrive and stored somewhere where they will be kept completely dry and out of the sun until construction.

Q) Can they be lined?


Yes they can – there are a few options available, if you are wanting to line them we suggest checking with a builder. You can also check out our suggestions in the blog we have on this website. Please Follow this Link

Q) Do they have power or plumbing?


No we do not provide power or plumbing. This can of course be done, You would need to contact a local registered electrician or registered plumber, they will give you a quote.

Q) Can we have a larger / smaller or extra window / different door?


No, these come standard with the window/door shown in the photo. It is possible we could order you an extra window if required, contact us for a price and availability details, this would need to be installed by a builder it is not part of the plan.

Q) Are they waterproof?



Q) How is the shed delivered


Important, you must read, understand and agree to receive the delivery cost for your state. SheShedz does not pay for a Hiab to deliver.

  • Delivery of sheds requires somebody must be home and be able to assist with hand unloading the items.
  • Kitset shed is delivered on a large truck, so it must be able to get down your driveway as close as possible to delivery point where you want it stored until construction
  • If you cannot help with hand unloading / or if the truck will not fit down your driveway, you may require a Hiab for delivery, this is not included in your delivery cost, please contact us for a quote.
  • No weekend deliveries
Q) Does the kitset shed come with a guarantee


  • If any components are damaged when the kitset arrives we will replace them as long as you let us know, including taking photos of any damages & emailing them within 2 days of arrival to your property.
  • Important: Kitset Shed MUST be coated inside and out with 2-3 coats of a quality protective sealant (wood stain or primer / paint)
    It then must be regularly maintained as per manufacturer’s instructions.
    We recommend checking your shed every six months for maintenance purposes.

    This must be done as soon as the shed has been completed, (or it could be done prior to build) it must not be left unprotected.
  • There is no guarantee against poor building workmanship, or if our instructions have not been followed for the complete build and paint to completion, including using the sealant provided for around door and window.
  • You must have a clear and level site. An uneven or sinking site will cause the doors to jam or timber walls to move.
  • You are responsible for the covering and securing of all materials on site against weather, (for both sun and rain protection) damage and/or theft.
    Important – It must NOT be left uncovered pre-build nor stored on damp ground.
  • This shed is an environmental choice, it is a natural product, that should be properly looked after and maintained.
Q) Should I put insulation under the floor?


Yes we recommend using a quality underfloor insulation. See the blog on insulation on this website

Q) Can I choose a different colour?


You can have it any colour you wish. It is delivered in its natural form, you must paint or stain it to protect the timber (in a colour of your choice) with a recommended product from your local paint store, ensuring you follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Q) Can the Perspex windows be replaced for glass?

A) Yes they can, although we don’t do this, you can easily organise yourself once you have the shed.
You would need to contact a local glass company to give you a quote.

Q) Do termites affect the wooden shed?


The questions about termites in Australia is sometimes raised.  We have spoken to numerous builders who all recommend different options for termite protection

Depending on what type of foundation you required under your shed the options of a concrete slab or treated bearers if its flat ground, If the ground is sloping build it up with bricks or treated bearers.

Termites won’t touch treated bearers, but will walk up it. When it’s on bearers you can see what’s happening to the floor. (H5 Ground bearers are supplied in the kitset)


Regular inspection by you is advised, Contact a builder if you are concerned about termites and they can advise the best protection method or you might want to have a professional pest control company inspect your shed regularly to identify the any pest damage.  With all wooden products keep watch regularly and you can use a termite treatment on the wood, control may only require a simple surface treatment of the wood.

Note on Shed Placement
Be mindful of how you position your shed, if you are in a cold wet area, sun and warmth is important. For optimal life span it is recommended to be sheltered away from direct driving rain, e.g. beside fences, house walls or trees, this helps break up driving rain.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are available for “after sales” support.


This is written to the best knowledge and research of the writer. SheShedz take no responsibility for misguided, misused information. This is correct at the date written and it is instructed that all purchasers of sheds do their own investigation to what consents apply in their local council.