Sarah's Star by the Lake

In a quiet field, next to a still lake, on a jetty, sits Sarah’s Star Cabin.

Sarah had a lightbulb moment after watching Hilary Barry makeover her SheShed on Seven Sharp.

“I began work renovating a wetland area on my farm, and it looked great, what followed was a home-built pontoon on the lake, and then a bright idea that I needed to turn this lovely space into a sanctuary for myself.  What I needed was a shed. Without hesitation my builder friend recommended a SheShed”

After being provided with an instruction video, instruction folder and phone support from the SheShed team, Sarah (and her builder) built a base which sticks out over the water.

“Everything was well packaged and well organised and labeled. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the wood, double glazing, hinges and all the parts of the shed”

Sarah’s Star Cabin is her tranquil sanctuary surrounded by black swans, mallard ducks and pukekos. On the farm there’s always something to do but in her SheShed, the job list, and stress melts away.

After recently losing her husband, whom she nursed for two years, Sarah’s SheShed has become her place to rest and reflect. To take time to read, listen to music or just sit and watch the life of the lake.

“My SheShed is a high quality product from a professional business that has a customer centered, service orientated philosophy. When the shed arrived damaged the team dealt with the damaged pieces professionally and quickly. I was impressed with how easy it was to get a satisfactory outcome. The personal communication from the team was great”