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For this Shed Spotlight, we’re looking at another home business, The Hole Diggers Dog Spa!

A SheShed is a popular idea, and a great space for a home business. We love hearing about business success from customers with a SheShed. Nelson’s Hole Diggers Dog Spa had a huge amount of business growth after purchasing their SheShed.
“Yes we can guarantee that the SheShed had a part to play in our success, having the shed was a good buy. Both for advertising and look, customers always raved about it”
“We had started our Dog Spa in a rental cabin and we were looking for something a bit more permanent.  As a builder myself, we knew we wanted to build. We saw the SheShed on display and I knew I couldn’t build anything to that finish and style so it was a very easy choice. As my wife Lauryce knows, if I say buy it it has to be good!”

“We were surprised at how quickly it can be assembled. The SheShed team provided instructions that were well written and explained, and the video was really useful too. Even my wife had fun helping put it together. We love that you can choose to leave it in its wooden state or choose to paint the inside, outside or both.”

“We love our SheShed. When we purchased it, it was the perfect size for our Doggy Day Spa business. It was a great shed and we didn’t expect the business to grow so fast!”

“After our daughter was born, we made the decision that I would leave work to be a stay at home dad (best job ever!) and that we would focus on the dogs that we love so much. We experienced some great business growth and we chose to expand the business. As a result, we created a purpose built area for the grooming and dogs to play.”

“We cannot believe the business out grew the SheShed. Even still, you couldn’t pay us to take it away (people have tried!)”

“Our SheShed is starting its new life next to the pool”

**Editors note** 

For an article about a Doggy Day Spa there haven’t been enough photos of dogs! So here’s some of their happy customers

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