After seeing the sheds on a tv ad I started renovating the wetland area on my farm, built a pontoon, then a bright idea that I needed to turn this lovely space into a sanctuary for myself.  What I needed was a shed…… research threw up a couple of options which I sent to a builder friend for his opinion.
Without hesitation he said the SheShed was the best.
The build was easy, it came with great video & written instructions. Once the base, which in my build sticks out over the water, had been created the build of the SheShed itself was very straightforward. Everything was well packaged, well organised and easy to find out what was what.
As we were building I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the wood, quality of the glazing, hinges and overall high ‘spec’ of the SheShed.
When my shed arrived I was disappointed to see parts had broken in transit, but SheShed dealt with the damaged pieces really professionally, really quickly and I was really impressed with how easy it was to get a satisfactory outcome. The personal communication from the team at SheShed was great.
Up on the farm there is ALWAYS something to do. Down in the Sheshed the jobs melt away. It gives me a place to rest and reflect away from the ever-present farm work. I recently lost my husband who I nursed for two years and the shed is a place I can take a bit of time to rest, listen to some music, read something easy or just sit and watch the beautiful waterlife on the lake. And from time to time, cry.