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There’s plenty of upsides for working from home, including a flexible working environment, savings with no commuting costs and time wasted travelling.

From having worked in both a busy, lively, vibrant office and now from a cozy home office, I can detail the differences and the positive benefits working from home brings.

  1. Flexible working environment, I can work mornings, evenings or weekends as its fits into my busy weekly schedule.
  2. Cost Savings; No fuel, transport or commuting costs.
  3. Employees; people’s stress doesn’t eat you. You don’t hear about issues that don’t concern you, you’re not in sight for people to come and download on matters that you’re not involved in.
  4. Focus

If the home office is in a shed, being separate to your home allows you to shut the door on your work at any time. You then can have uninterrupted family or social time.

As we have detailed in our previous blog  ‘A portable home office for your small business’ There are many options to what you can do in a home business.

If you have got a talent; such as dressmaking, art or want to think seriously about selling products from your home, a cabin to do this may be the answer.

View the photos below for ideas.

The Dog Spa

A fully kitted out spa with power to run their business from home.  Imagine the savings not having to lease out a building!

The Graphic Designer

The Business Man (or Women) Are you a broker, Real Estate Agent, Finance Adviser, Designer? — this maybe your inspiration for your next home office.

Event Planner/Hire business

A beautiful space to talk to customers.

Beauty Salon

Work from home with hours that suit you!

Craft Shop

Sell your crafts from home-no hidden costs.


No stress, non invasive healing.


SheShedz Garden Sheds Australia | Sewing Room Shed 1

Make your talent work for you.

If you are thinking of working from home and need a kitset shed, talk to us today on 1800 316 583 – we have plenty of photos that may inspire you to create and set up your own work space!


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