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Before the industrial revolution many industries were run from home such as sewing and clothing production, lace-making, jewellery making and food preparation. With the new manufacturing processes of the Industrial revolution many of these cottage industries moved to a more factory based focus.

With the 21st century’s technological advances we have had a resurgence in people choosing to work from home and in the process enjoying a more balanced and healthy way of life. Many like to work from a shed in their back yard as this defines the space between work and home. These shed based entrepreneurs can be as diverse as the businesses they choose to run and here are some great business ideas that can be run from a small wooden shed.

Freelance Writer.

Author, Proofreader, Journalist, Copy editor or Ghost writer.

Whether you are an aspiring author or a web based blogger your own space is essential to create the atmosphere needed for the creative process.

Graphic Design.

Advertisements, flyers, magazine adds and pamphlets.

Your own great small space for a competitive work from home business in your own garden office.

Web Design.

Links, Banners and graphics.

Most people need help to create a website and your outside office is just the place to start.

Sewing Business.

Quilts, embroidery, repairs and curtains.

What better space to have your materials stored and a desk with sewing machine constantly set up.

Dog Spa.

Washing, grooming and clipping.

Have your customers come to you when you have a neat spa for dog’s set up at home.


Teacher, composer or performer.

A creative space to inspire a young protégé or create the next number one hit.

Craft business.

Jeweller, soap maker, card maker or artist.

Keep all your tools of the trade in one easy creative space or use your wooden shed to display for sale.

Gardening business.

Herbs, flowers or vegetables.

Your own beautiful potting shed to start plants for a productive season of growing

Garden Shed

Having a home business and working from your own shed has many advantages. Parents can always be available for young children, no having to take sick days and dealing with a frustrated boss. Your time is your own and you can choose how many hours you spend for your work week. The big commute to work consists of stepping outside your own door and taking a short walk to your own lovely office. On lovely summer days open up the doors and let the indoor – outdoor flow.

The options are endless and the only rules are ‘there are no rules’. Whatever your business idea a small wooden shed can make the difference to an enjoyable home business.

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