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Naturapathy Shed

We are so happy with our Sheshed!


A friend referred me to the She sheds as she had been looking for a kitset shed. I left my job at the Naturopathic College and was taking the brave step of going into clinical practice full time but didn't want the expense of a clinical space, and liked the idea of adding value to the property as well. I've found it to be so helpful to have my clinic near by, surrounded by my gardens and plants so that I can give people cuttings when needed for medicine. I decided on the colour scheme, then set up the space as simply as I could as the space is limited. I wanted something cooling and soothing to the eye. Welcoming and cosy.
A lot of people have said how much they love the space and visions they would use it for and I refer them to She Sheds. Its very handy to have to home so I can come and go between consultations.
All the best - Nicola

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