Tiny Houses making life an adventure.

For some it is financially driven, many wish to reduce their environmental footprint, while others wish to downsize their life making it easier to enjoy travel and adventure without being tied to never ending mortgage payments.

For this writer, it was a lifestyle choice that evolved over time. After downsizing to a smaller property and ditching the mortgage, the intent was to build a new house while living in a bus. Nearly a year along and the financial and personal freedom that has come from not having a massive mortgage, has far outweighed the need to build that flash home.

With Australian home ownership becoming less and less affordable for many Aussies, perhaps we need to look at things from a different perspective and ask the question-Do we really need that big house and crippling mortgage? The Tiny House Movement would answer -a definite No!!

Environmentally it has never been more important to reduce our earth footprint. Why not make a positive change and go small? This does not mean you must do without life’s luxuries, just refine it to maximise space and function.

So, what defines a Tiny House? Typically, it is not usually larger than 46m2. It can be a bus, truck, small building or a house on wheels. The historic Yurt has even made small living possible for many families.

A tiny home on your property may also be the solution to your space needs.

In this post-covid world, many family homes have changed.

Whether spending more time at home due to lockdowns has made your home feel smaller. Or maybe you’ve closed your store and are working from home. Space can feel like a commodity right now.

One of the bigger issues is the number of people who have repatriated back to Australia. If you’ve had family move back home, you may be lacking space.

A SheShed Tiny Home is an easy and inexpensive way to add space to your home without doing a complete renovation.

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