It’s commonly known that landscaping your home can add 15% to the value of your property.  Sheds are a large part of this.   Whether you are needing a shed for extra storage or a home office, you can be assured that the right shed will add value to your property in the event of selling your home.

Properties that have a separate work space, have a higher advantage over properties without. This allows the property owner to demand a higher sale price, additional rent and increases the chance of sale with buyers being attracted to this separate cabin space for their children or hobbies and crafts.

Whilst is difficult to specify exactly how much value a shed can add to your home, there are additions you can add to a shed that will increase its value and purpose. Sheds fitted with electricity, plumbing or solar open the options for the sheds use over one without these additions.

SheShed kitset timber sheds have been used for many purposes, such as a laundry whilst home renovations were being done, extra storage and living on properties and farms while homes are being built or renovated. Particularly with smaller properties where there is little storage space, a shed can cut the cost of having to hire offsite storage.

Below are some photos of customer sheds in their back yard, adding lifestyle appeal to their homes.

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