How do I join my two She sheds together?

The Star Deluxe is two of our popular Star Cabins with a joiner kit.
This configuration gives you either two 3m x 3m (9m2) spaces (with the joiner between) or one 3m x 6.25m (18.75m2) space (if you cut the joiner kit out).
You receive two doors & 2 windows and can choose where you want to place them on your shed!

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Other Ways To Join Two SheSheds Together

The wooden Sheshed is the perfect size room and it can even be used for accommodation. It fits a double, queen and with its 3 x 3 metre size can even fit a king size bed. For those who are following the tiny spaces trend for home living, maybe one small wooden shed is not enough!
The question often asked is…How do I join two sheds together?
The simplest and most cost-effective way would be to join your sheds with a deck. Two or more sheds could be connected by a common courtyard. If you placed your two sheds opposite each other you could also cover your deck area to make a weatherproof walkway.
3 x Kitset Sheds
A great idea that also has practical value, would be to connect two sheds with a carport. This would make a great car and storage space, something always needed and normally what we don’t have enough of.

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