About Insulation and Internal Wall Lining.

A She Shed logcabin doesn’t always require an internal wall lining as the solid wall structure are different to widely used timber frames on other sheds.  This is a great advantage on the solid timber cabins.

Shed lining insulation             

Timber Frame Photo (Insulation required)    |   Log Cabin – Solid Wall (Insulation not always required)

You are welcome to install wall lining if you wish, it’s not complicated to do and can be used for extra insulation as well for decorating such as hanging up wallpaper etc.

If you decide to use one of our Kitset Sheds as a sleepout, or perhaps you just want it lined for all year comfort when those colder months come around. Here are a few options that are available from your local DIY store.


One of the most important places to have insulation is under your floor, here are some products you could use. Available from Expol –  http://expol.com.au/

Green form energy – http://www.greenformenergy.com.au/home.htm

Or Bunnings – https://www.bunnings.com.au

Ametalin Silver Floor 500:

This double-sided, reflective, pliable building membrane is designed to reduce drafts. Great to help thermal performance with strip flooring.

Bradford Polymax Acoustic Floor Blanket:

Polymax is made from 100% polyester (this is the same material that you have in Doonas and Pillows) It is 80% recycled, made in Australia and low allergen and VOC free. Very soft and is easy to install.

Expol Underfloor Insulation R1.8:

Expol Black is graphite infused EPS supplied in the same sizes as the standard white under floor Insulation. Expol Black is a premium product which achieves superior R values. It has high insulating properties and is rigid and lightweight.

If you have already built your sleep out, or are converting an existing shed, you could opt for carpet and these days many carpet underlays have good insulation properties.

Dunlop 8m Carpet Underlay:

This extensive range of foam carpet underlay will help make your carpet more comfortable. Choose a thickness to give the right level of insulation and comfort.


UnderfloorPink® Batts® SnugFloor®:

This is a range of thermal underfloor insulation products R1.6/R2.6 Narrow & wide.

Walls and Ceilings.

Space is at a premium with walls, so we want to use insulation products that will take up as little room as possible. Here is a list of products we have come up with so far.


Earthwool® is manufactured using recycled glass and sand. Sustainable and easy to handle with a natural brown colour. Super- soft with comfortable installation.

Natural wool products – Blanket Wool Insulation:

This insulation comes in a blanket form and has Thermal ratings of R2.6, R3.2 and R3.6. It can be used on walls and ceilings. The material is safe and healthy and non-toxic.

It would be very easy to place this behind Gibb Plasterboard that is screwed straight to your wooden shed walls, or a nice Tongue and groove.

Natural wool products also do an underfloor blanket.

Ametalin Pleated Silverbatts:

A fibre free insulation solution, 97 % reflective on both sides with air spaces that buffer your home giving thermal comfort and energy.

Other products that have been used are Aircell and Foilboard.

Please NOTE:  Timber is a natural product which expands and contracts with changing moisture.  Winter = High Moisture = Expansion.  Summer = Lower Moisture = Contraction.

We recommend that slotted angle brackets are used to fix internal battens to the external wall boards inside your cabin, this allows the external wallboards to expand and contract naturally under there own weight.  See recommended photos below

Insulation-Kitset Cabin

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  • Martin Mcgarrity
    March 6, 2021 12:29 pm

    Can you contact me about get a price for 20sheds made.
    Size is 2.4 wide x 6 metres long.
    Regards martin


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