How many accessories can you fit on a SheShed?

Your shed is built and now it’s time to add all those accessories that will make your shed a little bit unique and special to you. We have put together a few ideas to help you on your way.


An easy classic style roof decoration are finials. These can be simple wood designs or depending on your taste unique and quirky.

Star Cabin with a wooden finial

Wooden Finial

Clay Cockatoo


Another great option for the roof of your shed that will look great is a weathervane. With many styles available at prices to suit most you can usually find the right one for you.

Fretwork Lace

Adding some extra touches like wood lace can give your shed the wow factor that other sheds just may not have.


These can be solar, power, candle, oil or battery operated depending on what you prefer.

Shutters & window boxes

Shutters for your windows will add to the vintage look and planting some cute window boxes give a cottage vibe.


A deck to add a bit more outdoor charm will always make your shed feel great when you open the lovely French doors.
With imagination, creative flair and building skills you have endless possibilities to add to your SheShed.
Small spaces can be huge with the amount of enjoyment they can bring.
So what are you waiting for?    Get yours now!!

Upgrade Your Cabin

Extras to add to your SheShed

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