Sheshedz Australia

With step by step instructions, a great video link and awesome customer support when you have those “what do I do?” moments, putting together one of our kitset wooden sheds couldn’t be easier.

Just ask one of our happy customers!

 ‘I’d just like to add that I was 68 years old when I put it together (69 now!) so that must be testament to how well your sheds are made – if a 68-year-old woman can put one together on her own, anyone can do it!’ ~ Penny Rawlins

Detailed instructions come with the shed.

From the ground up, the tongue and groove timber fits together just like a jigsaw puzzle. Around you go until it’s time to slide in the door and window.
You will have a lot of fun watching how quick your little wooden building comes to life.

Pre-cut roof beams, sarking and fascia make the roofing job straight forward.

Our asphalt tiles make the shed roof waterproof and add to the stylish classic look.

Floor joists with tongue and groove flooring give this shed added appeal.

Plus a video link.

Watch our great video of the shed being built here…….

Then make it your own!

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