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ShedSheds NZ | Wooden Framed Kitset Garden Sheds Designed for New Zealand Conditions
ShedSheds NZ | Wooden Framed Kitset Garden Sheds NZ | Music Room Shed
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ShedSheds NZ | Wooden Framed Kitset Garden Sheds Designed for New Zealand Conditions
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The wood is kiln dried timber and needs to be protected with paint or a clear sealant for weather protection.

Kitset sheds are waterproof

Items pictured in shed are display only.

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Craft Shed | Wooden Kit Set Garden Shed

Every little girl has had a fantasy of a tiny cottage in the forest where they can let their imagination run wild.
Whether sewing, modelling or flower arranging, we have the tiny cottage and you don't have to be a little girl to enjoy it.
Our vintage craft shed with its shingle roof and classic doors and window provide the perfect space for you to create and enjoy. You can even plant your own forest!

The only rules to what you can do with your tiny cottage are yours to make. A magical space that lives in the bottom of your garden. You can visit whenever you want, stay as long as you wish and do whatever you like.

Our sheds come in a kitset and we can ship them all over NZ - Price includes freight!! Conditions apply. See important freight options in the FAQ. Excludes outer islands, please contact us for a quote

We send full instructions, complete with photo's for assembly and provide phone and email support if you need it.

We do recommend a builder putting this together or a handyman with trade skills.
If putting a kitset shed together is out of your skill range - click HERE to FIND A BUILDER


Size: 3x3x2.8m (9m2)

Wall Thickness: 28mm

Floor Thickness: 18mm

Roof Thickness: 18mm

Roof Material: Water Proof Asphalt Shingle – Ancient Black

Comes with ground treated runner beams

Windows and Doors are double glazed.

Doors are lockable and come with key.