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Australia’s great outdoors makes a perfect backdrop for one of the biggest tourist growth areas Glamping.

 Glamorous camping; meaning candles, an outdoor fire, a hot tub and lovely food, combined with a rustic but luxurious place to stay has become the holiday dream of many visitors. It can bring in a tidy income for those who wish to share their beautiful outdoor spaces with others. If you own a farm or a rural property you may be looking for a lifestyle where you can host guests and show them the true natural side of Australia.   Imagine little huts dotted beside the river or overlooking a scenic outlook of our beautiful country.

Luxury beside the water.

For a relatively small outgoing expenditure you can bring in a tidy wee profit. Most people want their outdoor escape to be private and if they have everything they need, along with a luxury feel, they will be happiest when left alone to explore, relax and enjoy what you have to offer.

Come home to a bottle of wine and a warm bath after a day of tramping with a luxury glamping cabin in the bush.

If you have the space, you can add more than one cabin to accommodate larger groups and families. Glamping huts are perfect for an investment property or an escape of the grid.  Perfect for weekenders or huts by the beach.

Glamping for all the family in a beautiful remote spot.

Imagine being in the trees! listening to the birds as the sun comes up.

This is possible with a kitset shed and the results can be amazing.

The Gully Hut! Luxury at its finest.

As Glamping suggests, its not just about the outdoor experience, it is the total package. Wonderful views, enjoyed in a beautiful space, relaxing with great food. Watching the sun go down and enjoying the night sky. A hot bath or shower, followed by a comfortable bed, a book and the sounds of nature.

A fire heated outdoor bath, BBQ, cute SheShed and matching composting toilet makes the perfect river retreat.

Make your Glamping accommodation something to remember by being unique.

So, if you live in a beautiful part of the country, from the waters of the Great Barrier reef, to the wild outback country with its desert charm, why not share your own piece of heaven and make a little bit of cash adding some glamping huts to your land.

It is not hard to find that others have taken this idea by storm, Trend Spotter has come up with their idea of the 10 best glamping destinations in Australia.

Its not that hard with a kitset wooden Sheshed. ?

Buy yours now!



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