Loni & Mark from Adore Me Magazine needed a home office. See how they transformed their backyard and created Mark’s ideal work space with a Star Cabin!

To start with they removed the lattice fence topper and painted the fence in Dulux ‘Colorbond Night Sky’ . 

They ripped up the old concrete driveway and about 20cm of dirt all the way along the side to the back.

Next step was to map out where the shed would sit, along with the shape of the garden path with a bit of rope to get the curves just right.

Mark wanted a sturdy base so he filled the back area and garden path with road base gravel (about 8cm thick) and then compacted it with a compactor. Then we added a top layer of deco granite (about 8cm thick) and compacted that. Then the garden beds and planting!

Both Mark and I work from home which isn’t an ideal situation in a small house. We had always dreamed of having a backyard studio where Mark could work from and I can work in peace and quiet inside. We stumbled across SheShedz online and knew it was a perfect fit with it’s barn-like feel, pitched ceiling and exposed beams. We hired a carpenter to help us put it together . It comes as a kit so you get everything you need to build it, including the roof shingles.

As it’s Mark’s work space he chose to paint it all black (Dulux ‘Colorbond Night Sky’) .

Mark has a photography/videography business so he needed a space to work from. But he also wanted a chill-out space to listen to records in his spare time, and let me tell you this. He is out there all the time, in fact some nights I have to call him to see when he’s coming inside.


He is out there all the time, in fact some nights I have to call him to see when he’s coming inside.
He just loves this shed so much.

We customised our Star Cabin by adding a small deck, hooked it up to electricity, added lighting and curtains.

What I love about our Star Cabin, is that it’s given us an extra room. It’s essentially turned our three bedroom house into four bedrooms.

Most importantly, Mark loves it! Because it’s a small space we wanted to fit it out with plenty of storage. We fitted a shelf so he can display and store all of his favourite magazines & design books.  And added a spot to stash his record collection.

“Overall we are so thrilled with how it turned out. A space like this could be customised to suit almost any need. It could be a pool house, a home gym, a craft room, a home office – anything really! The possibilities are endless with this style of shed.”