My Shed was created to be a beauty salon "The Beauty Den" so I could work from home after completing my family.
I have always wanted to open my own salon but after having my boys, my little 3 bedroom house was full so we knew we would have to build. This shed compliments our 70s house beautifully.
From start to finish was 3 weeks in total but the shed was up in a day. The painting took a while, and the styling was so much fun! I wanted a modern, slightly industrial, moody space, like a Den.
We have 2 black feature walls as well as the black beams on the ceiling, we have blonded the floor boards, added a deck waiting room, block out blinds, heat pump, drop pendant lights in the corner and a dimmable LED light fitted to the center beam, with touches of copper and rose gold.
I get comments all the time about how beautiful and well done the space is. It is like a life sized dolls house. Clients love how it is not part of the house, so it's nice and private. It looks very different to most home beauty salons which I love. It is a space that I can truly escape to and I hope my clients feel the same too.