One of the first questions we usually get is “do I need council consent”

The safest answer is “talk to your local council”. All states and councils have different rules and regulations. 

However, there are some general rules that apply through most of Australia

– A Shed 10m2 or smaller will likely not require consent

Our Star Cabin fits perfectly into this category. It’s 3m x 3m which makes it 9m2.

However in other states, you could go up to 20m2, and some states allow up to 50m2 on rural properties!

Our Ranch Cabin is 12m2 and The Brook River Log Cabin is 19.4m2!

 In most regions if your shed is more than 900mm from a fence line, you won’t need consent.

 There is no hard-and-fast rule for consents in Australia.

Different regions have different rules and regulations. We will always suggest to arm yourself with knowledge and talk to your local council.